Sitka College is over! Life begins. What’s next?

Sitka Winter Fellows program, started 2014-‘15, is the natural evolution of the summer Sitka opportunities that began in 2011.

With 12 Winter Fellows its first year, 14 the second, and 15 in the third, the Sitka Winter Fellows program brings together young people to live “in community” and to become immersed in the wonderful community of Sitka.

The Winter Fellows serve at local organizations all around Sitka, working full time on specific projects and serving as extra capacity for host organizations. Work varies across organizations, but each Winter Fellow is engaged in work that directly supports the Sitka community. Throughout the year, Winter Fellows serve through their work, but they also take opportunities to explore the unique culture, community, and landscape of Sitka.

Keep in mind Sitka is a big departure from what you know. It's on an island on the edge of the North Pacific. There are 14 miles of road, end to end, period. It's in the heart of a temperate rainforest. That means rain, mist, drizzle, and a million myriad other varieties of precipitation. It's also northern latitude, which means dark winters. (It also means northern lights and endless summer nights!) So consider these facts and reach out to alums of the program to get a sense for Sitka.

The Winter Fellowship runs from August 28, 2017 to May 18, 2018. The program includes: $150/week stipend for food and incidentals; $500 stipend to defray the cost of travel to and from Sitka; your own room on Sheldon Jackson Campus and the use of communal facilities (living room, kitchen, bathrooms, etc.) shared with other fellows; access to all facilities on the Sheldon Jackson Campus; the opportunity to live with other wonderful young people, become part of a wonderful Alaska community, and explore the mountains and ocean and wilderness of Southeast Alaska.

Rolling admissions/notification. Positions for the 2018-19 fellowship year will be posted in February 2018.

To stay apprised of the 2017-‘18 fellowship, or with questions, email Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins ( and Meredith Redick (